I’m Deanna and I’m a mommy.

I have a beautiful son, who has two kitties and a puppy.  I am the type of person that enjoys trying new things and seeing what can I do with my life.  With that being said, that is what brings me here.

Not too long ago, I started my very own business because why not?  I have been an artist for all of my life, and since becoming a mother, I have wanted to teach my son to put himself out there doing the things he loves.  I have been a stay at home, and decided throw in artist to the mix by creating and selling my own custom artwork.  It made me extremely happy to put myself out there and create a fun business that I do what I love.

I have always been one who has had an interest in blogging but I will be very honest with you, I am not much of a writer.  I am more the type of person who just likes to vent about what my day was like.  I figured why not put myself even more out there and blog about life as a mother.

But there are plenty of blogs out there that are about motherhood, but that’s the thing about motherhood.  Each person and their parenting is different, so I personally believe it is best to have many different outlooks out there.  I decided to create this blog to not only be allowed to vent in the safety of my own place, but to share life as an artist.  It gives me the opportunity to also blog about any of my newest adventures such as trying to figure out this diet thing post baby.

Parenting a fun and adventurous thing, but also quite the mission to be able to accomplish each day.

Thanks for joining me on my daily missions.


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