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Update on Life.

I have been extremely MIA lately, and I keep thinking about updating on here but then just never get the motivation in order to do so.  Last few posts were honestly quite sad and I was unsure of where life may be going.  But it had oddly taken a major turn for the better.  My son has finally stopped screaming and biting, which is fantastic!  Although we are on to pinching, if anyone has any suggestions to help stop the pinching…. please send help.

My art business has been so unsuccessful lately, which has been beyond a bummer.  I was doing piece after piece and was so happy that things were going well.  Then I did this car piece which was AWESOME and I really want to branch out to that way more.  Since then, I have not got any work.  I have been trying to advertise but there is no interest.  But then again the past two weeks or so, I have not been trying that hard mainly because I am trying to figure out my next move.  I enjoy doing painting on canvas and mural a lot, but the over all business of doing car art is incredible.  It’s unique, and the piece I did won second place.  The guy updates me every now and then and he said the judge told him that he has only seen hand painted work like that in Japan.  It apparently is a rare talent and that I should take it further.  So I am trying to figure out how to get more into it, which he suggested maybe getting car scraps and having fun with it.  Then getting a booth at an auto show that he is usually at, set up next to him to advertise.  So I am trying to look into that, I just feel like I have no clue where to start.

I finished my last semester with all A’s which was such a great feeling, and I am currently taking a philosophy class which I believe I will pass with an A as well.  Then next semester I only need take one class and I will officially and finally graduate with an associates degree.  Not one, but two actually.  See  many people have told me to just go forward and try to get a bachelors then waste my time with an associates.  But I have been back and forth working on this for years, so really at this point it is just a goal.   I want to be able to say that I did it then move forward to my bachelors.  I will be graduating with an AA is social behavioral sciences and an AA in humanities.  Then I plan to apply to a university where I will go for my bachelors in fine arts.

Now, onto what was the most difficult parts of life…. Marriage.  After that post, there was a major turn in the relationship.  We all of sudden began getting along, and he was truly taking part in the my sons life.  But not only was he showing a huge improvement with making a relationship with our son but he putting forth a huge effort to work on our marriage as well.  It has a been a few weeks and I think we finally made it over the tough part, we made it through.  We have finally been able to even just hold hand or look at each other, but most importantly we can actually be intimate.  Yeah, I guess that’s TMI, but it’s important.  And after some serious talk about where our relationship stands and taking time these past few weeks to double check that we truly are okay, we have come to a decision.  We have decided to start trying for our second child, although some people would say that we are stupid.  But things are great, we have overcome our tough times and made it through.  We are actually happy, and only improving as each day moves forward.

I guess what I am trying to say, from my last post I was unsure if it was worth trying because I felt like it just wasn’t worth it anymore.  But I am honestly glad that I decided to stick out a little longer, because we found ourselves again.  Together.


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