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It’s always amazed me to watch my son learn things since the day he was born.  When he finally figured out he can make noises, which those noises have definitely escalated from a cute little chirp to what is now a full on scream.  When he first learned to walk, it was amazing.  He stood up and had such an unsure look on his face, then he finally took the a total of 3 steps and then just flopped over.  But he lifted his head up afterwards and had the biggest smile on his face.  He pulled himself up and was ready for more.

That was when he was 9 months old, and now he is 16 months.  Actually almost 17 months, so let’s just say he’s a year and a half.  Side note, it’s funny when I was pregnant I told myself that I would only count him by his months until he is a year old.  But I automatically went into mommy mode and still continue counting his age with those damn months!  Anyways, back to the important stuff.  Now he is at this stage where he copies literally everything I do, and his learning is so fast!  I said poop the other day, and he started running around pointing to his diaper saying poop.  He has been catching on so quickly, and it has been making communicating with him so much fun.

Since he has been catching on to things, I figured it was time for some lessons to get us out of the house and enjoying some activities.  But let’s be real, it’s really so then he can just run out of energy and be a little more calm on my watch.  Which in reality, I am pretty sure it just ended up giving him more energy.

I signed him up for gymnastics and swimming lessons, a lot of people I have told that said it’s weird.  But why not allow my kid to be active with other kids and learn things at this age?  They all were like, what can a one and a half year old really do or learn in gymnastics?  Honestly, it made me question if he would actually enjoy or learn anything from gymnastics but I stuck with it.  His teacher, said that after class 3 or 4 they will begin to love it and show some understanding of what is going on.

Well this past week he had his third class of gymnastics and it was amazing to see the improvement.  The first two classes were hell, and I wanted to give it up, he screamed and cried the entire time.  I am pretty sure I did more work those two classes than he did, I left that place sweating. But this third class, he climbed up on the balance beams on his own, finally tumbled with excited and even jumped into the foam pit on his own.  They also have this cute little tunnel where the kids after class, to kind of have them exit class, they walk through.  This week he walked through the tunnel maze all on his own, I know that may seem like a weird thing to get excited about.  But he did it!  And the most exciting part, when we came home he ran up to me and I asked if he wanted to do a flip like he did in gymnastics.  He responded by saying “more” (which is key for like everything, its like a sign of approval sometimes) and put his head and hands on the floor.  Then he just flipped himself over, I was amazed.  Only three classes, and he already caught out  but also he is showing some happiness when it comes to it.

We also signed him up for swim lessons, mainly to make sure he can be safe when it comes to swimming.  I mean we live in California with pools everywhere, so I figured being comfortable with the water was important.  And that first lesson was terrible, worse than his reaction to gymnastics.  He clung to me like a monkey, would not turn around and did not want to do anything.  Except for at the end when they taught him how to climb out of the pool from the edge, he caught on to that pretty and loved doing it.  We decided to bring him into our apartment pool on off days from class, and he figured out how to kick when swimming.  We asked him if wanted to blow bubbles in the water and he instantly put his mouth in the water and blew.  It was amazing.

Yesterday, we decided to take him again because I said I wanted him in the water a few days a week so he was more comfortable during lessons.  He learned how to do “big arms” and kicked his legs at the same time. He acted like he just wanted to go swimming on his own already, it was adorable.

It felt really good to see the excitement in his face when he did both of his new activities at home and it’s like he knew he was learning.

I will never get sick of watching this cute little boy learn.


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