Mission: Dream job.

As it says in my bio, I am a business owner.  Being a business owner is something I never expected to be, but I decided to do something with my art instead of just hanging it up in my own home.  I’ll be honest, I was running on  walls that needed art.  So I decided why not fill other peoples walls with the art of their dreams?

I started the business for fun, not really expecting that much of a reaction.  I have been one that has always had ideas for the stuff I would like hung in my house, but was never really able to find exactly what I wanted.  But that was easy for me, because if I couldn’t find it then I would paint it myself.  I figured when I started the business that people would feel the same way.

Surprisingly, they do.  I have been open for a few months and have been painting nonstop for customers.  I have done murals and wall paintings, but also getting ready to do a custom engine cover which is very exciting.  It’s a great feeling to be able to wake up each morning, stay in my pajamas and paint… as my job.

I have done some really cool paintings, such a the “Killing Joke”, “Disney Princesses”, a beautiful Japanese waterfall, and some others.  It seems like the most popular artwork that people request, is to have their animals painted but I have only received requests for dogs.  This scared me at first, because all I could think was ,”what if the animal turns out perfectly but there is still something slightly off and it doesn’t look like their pet”.  I mean you want that painting to look exactly like their pet and not just some random animal that looks similar to theirs.

I have done two dog paintings in the past two weeks, each of which were done for people who wanted to remember their favorite pets that have recently passed.  That makes it even more nerve wrecking, because you want to make sure it’s the perfect memory for them to hold and hang on their walls.  Once their paintings were complete and I handed them over, that was the moment that I realized this is exactly why I wanted to do this as my job.

The reactions in their faces to see their pet on canvas, they both just “that my dog, that’s her/him”  And honestly, tears… there were tears.  And it made me feel so happy to know that I gave that happiness to them, something to hold onto forever.  It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that I can give some happiness to customers.

I am getting ready to start my next project, a custom engine cover painting.  I have ordered the supplies but I am waiting for all them to arrive.  This project is really exciting and a huge deal.  It could open a lot of doors if I really make this customer happy.

I guess my point in this post, is follow your dream.  You may be shocked at how successful you may be, but even if you aren’t super busy you could still just feel successful.  Because you are doing what you love each morning.

Mission:dream job.


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